Fast Lane

FCC Sees Record Submissions for Debate On Internet “Fast Lanes”

The Countdown of the internet “Fast Lane” Decision

The last day to weigh in on your opinion about the internet “Fast Lanes” to the fcc came to a close yesterday with over 3 million in comments from the public. This proposal would have given the Telecom Industry the ability to prioritize faster internet speeds to specific or “prefered” websites. Many people have classified this debate as a “Team Cable” vs “Team Internet” debate.

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HBO, From Cable to Direct Consumer

HBO, from cable to consumer

HBO has recently decided to consider moving from the cable and satellite companies, to become a more direct view for customers. Bewkes from HBO recently stated that this option didn’t present itself until just recently, which is why the company never thought of doing it before. Bewkes appeared excited and happy with the idea.

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Tor vs Comcast

Comcast Hates Users Using Tor

Tor vs Comcast

Recently the company, Comcast, also known as Xfinity has declared a sort of “discomfort” for the privacy company Tor. They have been contacting users who are currently using the Tor networks, and instructed them to discontinue use, or run the risk of their service being terminated.

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Technology of the Future- 2015

Technology Releases of the Year 2015

Technology Breakthroughs:

With every year we have many new inventions, innovations, and discoveries that we as a people are very proud of. This past year has given us everything from streets made of solar panels to 64 bit processing in mobile smartphones. Next year is sure to make an impression with many new discoveries as well. Here is a first look of what we are going to and hoping to see in the next year.

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Android launcher top picks.

Android Launchers Top Picks

While most of you already know of the different types of home screens and Android launchers you can get for android, most of us go through and test out tons of them and still can’t seem to find just the right one. It makes for very time consuming and difficult work, luckily the team at Techy Chat has been tirelessly trying many of these different launchers out and have composed a list of such. Below you find what we believe to be the top 5 launchers.

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Galaxy S5 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most top of the line devices out right now. It comes with a lot of extra features on top of its amazing specifications. However many people would find this device to be fairly gimmicky even though it’s highly regarded featuring its specs.

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iPhone tips

iPhone Tips and Tricks

We’re no stranger to technology, but everyone can learn something here and there. So we’ve spent some time researching and playing with different iPhone tips to get you the best we could. Continue reading to learn get some new iPhone tips.

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