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Root HTC Desire V One Click

This is a guide on how to root your Desire V by HTC in one click. The program was created by XDA Developer hasoon2000. If you enjoy the program, send him a thanks, or buy him a drink.

Standard disclaimer: I will not be held liable, if you brick, break, or harm any part of your device using this guide, or any other on this site. By continuing to read on you accept and agree to these terms. This includes, tornados, fires, floods, and other various things that may go wrong on the internet. Be sure to take precaution for things such as these as they’re very likely. This will also void your warranty, so be careful.

1. Download the toolkit to root the device from here.

2. Download winrar to your computer from here. winrar is a compression and decompression program.

3. Install winrar to your computer! You need this to decompress the toolkit.

4. Unrar the toolkit to an easily accessible area on your computer. This way if you need it in the future you’ll have it somewhere easily obtained. You probably will as one click roots are always handy vs having to adb root your device and such.

5. Open the created folder and run the .exe file inside of it. This should open up the toolkit. If it does not open the toolkit, re download or re extract the files inside of it. this is probably due to a corrupt file.

6. Start from the top left and move to the right doing each option. Eventually it will ask you to unlock the bootloader. This WILL Wipe the data, so make sure anything you have important you backed up. The bootloader is so you can install custom recoveries and roms to your device.

7. Congratulations you have now have a rooted HTC Desire V.

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To view all of Hasoon2000s Articles for various HTC Devices go to his hosted site here.

Remember, have fun and HAPPY ROOTING! :)

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